What should you expect from a Professional Real Estate Agent?

1. Obtaining a Mortgage:
Your Agent should help you through the Loan application process. Obtaining a pre-approved loan will help facilitate your purchase process once you have found that perfect home. A pre-approved buyer will be more appealing to a seller and may help you if you are competing for the same property with another interested buyer.

2. Finding that Perfect Home:
Finding a property you want to make an offer on can be an overwhelming endeavor and there are many factors to consider. What type of home are you looking for? How much can you afford to spend on a mortgage payment? Where do want to live? How far are you willing to commute to work? What community factors are important to you?

3. Buying the Property:
Making an offer on a specific property requires entering into a contract with the seller and becomes the foundation for the entire transaction. It helps to know in advance what to expect in what can be an overwhelming process without a licensed Real Estate Agent art your side.

An overview of the process:
• Understanding earnest money
• The importance of the Title Policy and Survey
• Property inspection and cost
• Option period; what it means
• Understanding the inspection report and deciding what to address
• Confirmation of repairs
• Purchasing a residential service contract at sellers expense
• Appraisal Process
• Addressing appraisal and lender required repairs
• Establishing closing date and move-in date
• Seller contribution to closing costs
• Review of closing instructions (CD} when issued by Title Company
• Final walk thru of home by the buyer
• Arrange utilities and water accounts
• Signing of documents at the title company
• Funding for the transaction (Seller receives sales proceeds and new deed to record} Get the keys and move in!